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The more ways you market, the more people you reach

Every business needs to be regularly generating leads and sales through their online presence. That means alongside a well designed website, there needs to be an integrated approach using the best tools from the “Digital Mix”. Our goal is to drive quality traffic to your website, engage site visitors when they get there and make sure they take action. We take a pragmatic approach and are results driven which means that we demonstrate the success of our customer campaigns and can identify key areas for improvements that are important to your business.

Using our extensive experience across a wide customer base, we are able to quickly establish an effective strategy and plan individually for each of our customers and work hard to differentiate them against their competition.



Your digital marketing strategy and plan defines every detail of your online presence. Together we can identify your companies, vision, goals and opportunities and determine which online platforms are best to integrate with the strategy and plan to produce maximum results. From social media and content marketing to email marketing and SEO our team of experts will ensure every detail of your strategy and plan covers your business objectives. We will continually monitor and refine the strategy and plan so that it meets your businesses goals and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

  • Will keep your marketing efforts aligned with your goals and objectives
  • Will motivate you and your team
  • Ability to track and measure your marketing efforts
  • Gives your business a competitive advantage


Social Media Marketing is proving to be the most powerful way to engage with your target audience and increase your leads and sales in line with your business plan and goals. It is about building and maintaining relationships with people, which takes time but pays considerable dividends in the longer term.

We offer a bespoke, results driven service that extends beyond Social Media Management and provides a fully integrated social engagement service that incorporates key activities such as:

  • Extensive Market Research
  • Documented Strategy and Planning
  • Community building
  • “Expert” brand exposure
  • Social Advertising including Mobile platforms
  • Training of your internal staff on using the main forums for day to day activities
  • KPI measurement and continuous improvement plans


Our SEO approach is focused on providing a great return on your investment using simple, effective and transparent techniques. The process is simple. We choose the perfect keywords for your business and they are then applied to your website in order to improve the visibility in search results.

Our services have been developed to improve your search engine ranking, website traffic and conversion rates, driving your business to the top and putting you ahead of your competitors. We measure the success of our customer campaigns and can demonstrate those key areas of improvements that are important to you such as:

  • Developing Brand Awareness
  • Increasing numbers of Visitors that you want
  • More Enquiries
  • Improved Qualified Leads
  • Increased Sales
  • Measurement of results and refined approach based on success


The majority of us now use mobile phones to access the internet. Unlike desktops, mobile devices tend to be owned and carried around by one individual resulting in the customer receiving your marketing message in real time.

To create effective mobile marketing campaigns we will carry out sufficient research in to your target markets behaviour and analyse how they currently use mobile devices. Mobile marketing campaigns enable you to target potential customers by time and location and personalised information. With the use of SMS, push notifications and app based marketing you are able to accurately reach and target a wider audience on the move.

  • Generate a stronger response rate
  • Customers will receive your marketing campaign in real time
  • Target your campaigns by time and location
  • Low cost method of advertising


At Bold we will help you spread your message instantly! We create high-impact emails that combine a professional design along with a clear message that will help drive traffic to your website and increase revenue. From design and development to the delivery and tracking we will manage your campaigns from start to finish.

Connect with your existing customers and build relationships with potential customers through an email marketing campaign that will bring visitors to your website and that can be shared across Social Media.

  • Low cost marketing
  • Target customers differently
  • Increase website traffic
  • Easy to track opens, clicks and other data
  • Segment customer databases and send targeted campaigns
  • Communicate with your customers more frequently
  • Test marketing messages – See what works


We know the difficulty of managing affiliate programs especially when you’re trying to do your day to day tasks of running a business. Commission rates, approvals and promotions need to be carefully coordinated in order to deliver maximum impact and prevent the loss of sales and profit.

Our team will manage all of this for you, they will work with your budget and design an affiliate marketing strategy to help you build lasting relationships that will benefit your brand ensuring you receive maximum impact fast.

  • Low cost
  • Saves you time and energy
  • Improves your visibility and reputation
  • Low risk

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