The world of digital has been hotting up in the last few months with Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, the introduction of the GDPR less than a month away, and Wetherspoons dropping quite a bombshell.

Meanwhile, Google continues to innovate its algorithm as ever and the social platforms keep giving us more features than we’ll ever know what to do with. The real question is: will we be able to do without them one day, or will we be hooked?

Bold has handpicked some of the events broadcast across the social-mediasphere so you don’t feel left out.



Facebook’s New Terms for Advertisers

Facebook has recently notified advertisers of changes to their business tools terms, outlining the responsibilities of advertisers as “data controllers” when using Facebook Advertising. This article explains the most noteworthy changes brilliantly. Here is a brief summary:

  • Just like when you are using any other form of cookies, when you select to use a custom audience* for your Facebook ad campaign, you need to get permission from your site visitors so that Facebook can process their data.
  • Facebook advertisers will have to communicate with Facebook if you receive any complaints from a customer about how Facebook is processing their personal data.
  • You will no longer be at liberty to share contents of campaign reports outside your company. Even using a screengrab of a chart is prohibited.

*A custom audience is a list of your existing customers. You pass their data into Facebook via a CSV upload, and Facebook matches the data to existing profiles so you can target your adverts to them.


Google has been up to its usual tricks

Some sites have been noticing their search rankings going down from early March, and that is because Google have performed a major update to their “core” algorithm. This update has no name but is far more substantial a change than a mere tweak.

Google haven’t gone into specifics about what has changed, but recommend that site owners ensure they are offering valuable content.


QR codes are all the rage!

Facebook has been rolling out Page QR codes to help business get more fans and engagement. There are QR codes for actions such as gathering reviews, liking a page and checking in. Not only that, but Facebook has kindly created images to help you get started putting your QR codes out there.

In the meantime, Instagram have been looking into “Name Tags” which people can scan to follow your account.

Are you going to be using them in your marketing? It could make for an exciting step change in your social marketing efforts if you push this feature offline.

Wetherspoons calls time on Facebook

Wetherspoons have taken a major step in declaring they are shutting down all their social media accounts. The nationwide pub chain doesn’t believe that the absence of social media will adversely affect their bottom line. This is a brave move, less than a year after they decided to delete their entire email database.

At the time, they confirmed they would be using social media instead of email to promote offers. Now it seems the only way you can keep connected with your fave pub is to download their app.


What we’re talking about:

Office pets – Definitely A Good Thing. (See an example of Pierre the French Bulldog hard at work. )

Apps we’re using:

Gifmaker.me – Not technically an app, but a super fun website to turn your static images into lovely gifs.