As a new addition to our blog, we’re going to be analysing each month’s digital news; our favourite stories, innovations, adverts and so on. So here’s May’s!

Instagram rolls out new look

Instagram changed it’s logo last week and there was MAYHEM on social media. Gary Vee wrote an inspiring blog post about the important (or not so important) logo designs which we thought was incredibly insightful (see here.)

Ian, Head of Design at Instagram said

“Last year, a group of us started digging into how we could support this evolution while staying true to Instagram’s heritage and spirit. We wanted to create a look that would represent the community’s full range of expression — past, present, and future”.

We asked #TEAMBOLD whether they liked it and it was 50/50. We LOVE the old icon but the new one seems brighter and more modern which we like!

YouTube tests in-app messaging feature

Soon (if all goes to plan) YouTube will allow you to chat within the app about a shared video that you’re watching, which we think is pretty clever! We’re not sure how it will work, whether you will have millions of people within the chat if they’re all watching at the same time, or whether you will be put into a smaller chat, but it’s definitely one to watch! We blogged about the power of video too!

Shopping cart to Instagram (Yes, Instagram has made it again)

Ever noticed on Facebook that whatever you bought or wished to buy from John Lewis, ASOS or anything in between is now creepily in your feed? Well, Instagram will now do this too. 60% of Instagrammers say that they discover new products via the platform, so it makes sense, but our purses are definitely not going to be happy when they find out!

Twitter is increasing its 140 character limit! 

We didn’t see this one coming! Twitter is renowned for its character limit, and whilst it’s annoying at times, this is why we love it. The first change will be that images and GIFs won’t count within the limit (which is quite nice) and there are more rumours that you will be able to retweet your own tweets (which is weird) and even broadcast reply tweets to everyone instead of it being to those that only follow that person (which could be annoying).

We’re rather excited about the changes but hope that the platform doesn’t get even more fragmented than it already is!

What we’re talking about > Snapchat

What we’re reading > The four hour work week

What app are we using > Zombie Run (getting fit for summer doesn’t have to be boring!)

That’s it from us folks, catch up next month for more updates!