The Art School Liverpool is a well-loved fine dining establishment led by Chef Paul Askew in the heart of Liverpool’s Cultural Quarter. The Art School team wanted an updated website that would stand out as a vital step in the diner journey before they even set foot in the restaurant.

The Art School Restaurant Website Project


Five years into their business, the Art School wanted a new look website to match the high-end offering delivered by the rest of the business. Their current website wasn’t able to showcase a constantly changing array of seasonal menu items and the aesthetic didn’t reflect the luxury dining experience. The team wanted people from outside of Liverpool who were visiting to get the best impression of the restaurant through the website.


Bold flexed its creative muscles to deliver a sleek design that reflected the brand identity of the restaurant. Full page image banners were employed to create a sensory experience, making the food plates seem more tangible and appetising. The site included bespoke features to highlight different aspects of the business. The website was built on a CRM to help staff change menus and update events easily without having to code.