It’s being said that video is the most important thing to include in your content strategy and with Facebook getting more daily minutes watched than Youtube, the rise of Snapchat and the ability to use video for 15 seconds via Twitter, we really should take notice.

YouTube, the original video queen, has become rather noisy and you might think that video is becoming less important now that it seems to have stayed pretty much the same, look and feel wise, during the last decade. However, social media giant Facebook is taking it to a new level. You might have noticed on your own Facebook the amount of videos that are being liked and shared, whether that’s from the ever so popular “Lad bible” or the new “Tasty” account that Buzzfeed have created, both of which have millions of hits due to the humour and snappy videos that they’re sharing. The great thing about using video on Facebook is that Facebook gives you the ability to target consumers like no other.

Let’s give you an example; Melissa is a 32 year old “foodie” from London who blogs frequently using video on her YouTube and Facebook channels. It’s summer so she’s created a summer salad recipe using fruit and veg from her garden and local farm shop. She wants to attract a similar age group who like gardening and food and who are also local so that she can promote the farm shop. So using the Facebook ad tool, she targets these exact people; females aged 30-40, from London, who like gardening and cooking. Yes, Facebook lets you do this like no other platform can!

Snapchat is another platform that has helped video take off (we blogged about Snapchat, why not have a read?!). Popular with the youngsters, it has over a billion views per day and has the ability to let you draw on top of photos and images you take – Snapchat has changed the way we use video, and the way people view it makes marketeers jobs somewhat simpler…

If you are a small business you might be asking “How can I afford to pay someone to make videos for me?” and that’s the great thing – you don’t! Due to the rise of these social media platforms, video is becoming more popular and easier for you to watch, consume and create. Platforms are allowing you to create live videos which don’t need to be high quality because people want to see what’s going on right now, this instant! Your smartphone also lets you take video with time-lapse, slow motion and with apps such as Boomerang and Vine, the opportunities are endless!

If you’re considering ramping up your social media and getting more engagement, then video is definitely the way to go. Learn, play, create and see the magic (RT’s/Follows/Likes) happen.

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