A Bloggers Checklist

We all know the importance of having a blog to help increase our website traffic and build our online reputation… but are you doing it right?

Having a blog for your business is a serious thing and can be a full time job in itself. Whether you’re planning on starting up a blog or currently have one, here is a bloggers checklist with 50 tips to help your business blog succeed.


1. Choose a quality webhost.
2. Use a reputable content management system (CMS) such as WordPress
3. Choose a theme and style your blog in line with your brand
4. Choose topics that relate to your business
5. Be consistent and update your blog regularly
6. Carry out research and keep your posts interesting
7. Backup your blog regularly


8. Create a 404 page
9. Choose a responsive theme
10. Include 2-3 keywords in your posts
11. Keep your URL short
12. Validate your Google authorship
13. Use tags
14. Add Alt tags to all images
15. Use H1 tags in your title
16. Use H2, H3, H4 tags in your sub-headings
17. Use internal links in each post
18. Add sitemap if using an external blog
19. Validate your blog
20. Check Google Analytics to track your blogs performance


21. Keep up-to-date with news in your market, be the first to write about it
22. Use bullet points or numbered lists to keep your content scanable
23. Keep your paragraphs short
24. Use infographics
25. Include relevant images
26. Write about new products or services
27. Keep it personable (Staff news, charity work etc.)
28. Offer tips and advice
29. Write about an upcoming special offer
30. Hold competitions to increase interaction
31. Proofread!
32. Ask yourself: Does this blog add value to my followers?


33. Add social media sharing buttons
34. Add a ‘Pin It’ button to your images
35. Link your social media accounts to your blog
36. Allow readers to subscribe to your blog
37. Send out regular newsletters with your latest blog posts
38. Promote your posts on all of your social media pages
39. Ask your followers to share your content
40. Use social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon
41. Allow your followers to comment on your posts
42. Guest blog to increase link backs to your blog


43. Respond to your followers comments
44. Follow other blogs and interact with them
45. Join in with conversations on social media sites. Use # to find topics
46. Join groups on Google+ and LinkedIn related to your business
47. Take part in online networking hours on Twitter e.g #B2BHour
48. Thank people for following you on social media
49. Ask your followers what topics they would like you to blog about
50. Take the time to look through your followers content and share