The front-facing part of your business, we like to think of your website as a digital sales rep welcoming your customer as if you were greeting them yourself.

Your website is often the first impression of your company that visitors will receive, so our design team will create a Bold impact with the visuals, from ideation to mood boards then sitemaps, wireframes, design and development. We consult with you at each stage of the design journey so you’re never left wondering how it’s progressing and you can suggest changes throughout.

Responsive Web Design

A website has to look its best on every occasion. Choosing the right outfit to wear at any party, wedding or dinner is essential.

With the infinite number of screen sizes your customers can view your website from, your design has to be fluid to adapt to mobile phones, tablets, laptops and giant iMac screens.

Bold only creates responsive web layouts so you that whoever is looking and wherever they’re looking from, they will see only your business from its best angles.

Wordpress Development

But I don’t know how to code, we hear you say. In the olden days, you either needed someone in your team who knew how to change the source files using HTML, or you would have to ask your website developer to make your website changes for you. And yes, that meant paying for each tweak.

This is no longer the case. We build our websites on WordPress so you can log in and change your website content quickly and easily with no headaches. You can add new posts and pages in just seconds – We can show you how. And if you still want us to update your website, we offer monthly support packages so you don’t have to keep paying for individual amends.


People love a stroll around a shopping centre. Why should browsing quality goods online be any different? Okay, we can’t promise a tasty donut stand nearby, or any water feature to muse upon. But with a smooth, seamless experience from browse to basket and beyond, teamed with excellent UX design, your website visitors will not only check out but be back for future sprees.

But that’s not all. Your back-office system will simplify the process of managing and processing orders so you can get on with the parts of running your business that you love – Creating and engaging with customers.


There is nothing more off-putting for a site visitor than an error message where your site should be or a slow-loading pages leading to a high bounce rate. Providing the right real estate is as essential as the website itself. Avoid any user frustrations with our competitively-priced site hosting which boasts over 99% uptime.


We’ll source the right domain name that sends the right message about your business with an SSL certificate so you can rest assured your site takes all precautions to keep your customer data safe.

Support and Maintenance

We don’t want to hand over your website and then just leave you in the cold to figure it all out for yourself. We offer one-to-one training in maintaining and updating your website content. If you don’t think you’ll have the time to keep your site up to date, we offer ongoing monthly support – Your Bold team is ready and waiting!

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