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Great news for marketers of business Instagram accounts! Instagram are now allowing companies to schedule and post from third party tools such as Hootsuite.

Previously, in order to schedule a post from Hootsuite, you would receive a push notification to manually publish the update from your mobile phone.

Facebook changes: what you can expect

  • On Privacy: Look out for new videos on your Facebook newsfeed, designed to better acquaint users with the privacy settings available. This forms part of Facebook’s latest campaign to deliver resources on privacy settings within the app, coming off the back of recent concerns around data usage in 2017, and ahead of the GDPR introduction.
  • On GDPR: Facebook has also made its position clear as a data processor that the onus is on businesses to act within the new data protection rules.
  • On organic posts: Facebook is making yet more changes to the Facebook newsfeed algorithm which will hit business publishers hard. So far, organic posts from company pages only get seen 2-5% of the time, but Facebook wants to prioritise content from friends even more. They also deem “meaningful discussion” more worthy than lazy likes, so posts from marketers need to encourage interaction in the form of comments and replies. The platform is also going to start penalising “click-bait” posts, such as ads with voucher codes in exchange for likes and shares.
  • On health: Facebook are commissioning research into the effect of their platform on health as the social giant wants to make sure it adds to users’ sense of well-being.


Google is in the process of rolling out a new Search Console. This means that reports you are used to seeing may no longer appear where you expect. You will need to wait for some of these reports to arrive from the previous version. Google has provided a help document to assist you with their latest changes.



Lush revolutionises in-store payment

Lush has developed a brand new in-house payment system that will soon be made available to other stores in the UK. Trialled in Oxford Street, the self-service tablet devices make it quicker and easier to check out, so customers do not have to queue up at the till. The cosmetics brand also hopes to develop further releases to enable customers to see their wish lists.

Lush has plans to make releases to its app, which will include Lush Lens (to allow visual search through your mobile camera) and Lush Concierge, which is like Lush’s very own version of Siri.



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