With all the matches to watch, the barbecues in the garden and all the happenings in the news, it’s fair to say your head might not have been in SEO or social media (other than for the football updates!).

What has dominated June 2018 has been this seemingly unprecedented run of good weather, and now we are all football crazy. Even those of us who don’t follow football the rest of the year make space in our diaries to come together for an England game or two.

The digital world keeps on spinning, so for those who’ve been buried in football fixtures, it’s time to get back in the marketing game.


Lots has been happening as ever in social media, but the one that stands out is IGTV. In May, Bold published two blog posts all about how content marketing is a lot like working in TV. Now the social giants are backing up that stance even more by constantly evolving their video offering.


Instagram launches IGTV

Although real-time video is immediate, enjoyable and has an edgy charm to it because everything is recorded as is, no edits, IGTV is allowing users to create longer form video of a higher quality to really show off your capabilities.

A few key facts you might want to throw into your next coffee break chat:

  • IGTV was launched on 20th June 2018.
  • It has its own app, and can also be viewed from your existing Instagram app.
  • Marketers will be able to upload and edit from a desktop as well as mobile.
  • Video can be as long as ten minutes or an hour.
  • This is not live video like Instagram Live.
  • Videos on IGTV are vertical not horizontal.

YouTube introduces Copyright Match

YouTube is allowing channel owners to more eaily determine if other users are unlawfully uploading their video content using a new tool call “Copyright Match”. Sadly copycats are a fact of life in the digital world. Using this tool, you can be even more vigilant and can ask for the secondary upload to be taken down.



Google’s Speed Update

Mobile page speed matters. We all knew that. But now it’s an official ranking factor on Google search. If your page is slow to load, you may notice a drop in your ranking position. However, content still takes precedent over page speed if your website is the most relevant for a given search term.


Google Ads

No that’s not a typo. Google AdWords is no more. Welcome Google Ads. It’s not just the name that’s changed. It’s hoped this new incarnation will simplify the process of advertising on different PPC platforms.

Responsive search ads

It’s time to get more creative with your PPC ads. Now Google is allowing advertisers to craft up to 15 headings and four descriptions for a single advert. This will give businesses more opportunity to appear for a search query and show the most relevant wording to what was typed in the search box.


Another World Cup is rapidly drawing to a close, and with it, the opportunity for many big brands to get in front of an audience of billions.
Shopping app Wish got the best reaction from fans for its televised campaigns according to System1. The campaign was called “Time On Your Hands” and starred famous players from countries who weren’t competing in this World Cup tournament.

Generally, ads have not performed so well compared to Christmas ads. The reaction from audiences has been muted for reasons such as advertisers playing too safe and misjudging public sentiment. The ads that scored highest in System1’s survey featured humour and national pride as part of the concept.



What we’re talking about:

How it’s funny drinking gin never used to be A Thing.


Books we’re reading:

D&AD’s The Copy Book because it’s got first-person accounts from the best copywriters in the business and their creative processes.

If you read just one more article this month, let it be:

Social Media Examiner’s article: ITGV: What Marketers Need to Know