It’s a tough life running and marketing a business. Staying at the cutting edge of the latest developments can take up precious hours in your week. That’s why we decided to do the hard work for you.

After scouring the internet for the latest happenings in the world of digital, we bring you November’s #BoldDigiRoundUp.

If you only read this one post each month, you’re way ahead of your competitors. So grab a cuppa (or a Red Bull) and immerse yourself in the digital sphere.



Take Pinterest Shopping

Pinterest is rolling out platform enhancements to combine real world retail interactions with social media, so don’t leave your mobile at home when you go Christmas outfit shopping.

1. Pincodes

Using Pinterest’s own version of QR-codes, shoppers can scan physical products in-store with their app to view related pins.

Bold Takeaway #1

Now, retailers can add this pincode to product packaging so consumers can link to Pinterest content about that item. This is a great way to provide inspiration, additional recommendations or enable the customer to bookmark the product.

2. Smarter recommendations with “Lens Your Look”

If you are the kind of person who buys a piece of clothing and then has no idea what to wear with it, this feature will be your best friend. It allows users of the Pinterest app to search real-world clothing items using the “Lens” camera feature, and then receive suggestions for matching garments.

Bold Takeaway #2

If you are a clothing retailer, this is big news, as now consumers can get help co-ordinating outfits thanks to this new digital style consultant. Curate your board with images of your products as part of full outfits so they can be featured in the search results and people know to shop with you.

Get more from your advertising on Snapchat

Last month, Snapchat released Context Cards for Snaps taken in identifiable locations. These enable recipients of a Snap to swipe up and read more information about the place featured in the Snap. Now, Snapchat has extended this functionality to advertisers.

Bold Takeaway #3

If you are already using Snapchat advertising such as Sponsored Lens or Sponsored Geofilters, Snapchat users will be able to learn even more about your business and link to your landing page.


Paper books are back in Vogue

We are lovers of books in this office, and although there are many advantages to reading on a tablet or smartphone, nothing beats the touch and feel of a physical paperback. This is why eConsultancy warmed our hearts this week with the news that consumers are coming back to buying books. And we learned our new favourite word of the week – Read on to find out.


Hotel brands are leading the way with innovations in virtual customer service

Hilton is unrivalled in its in-app customer service provision, allowing guests to check-in on line and pick their room before arrival. Hilton’s integration with Google Maps allows customers to see the view from the room’s window. How cool is that?

Yet Hilton is not content to “set-and-forget” its customer experience model, now incorporating live chat for customers to make requests, and using personalisation to welcome guests via the room’s TV set. Welcome to the future.

Bold Takeaway #4

Constantly striving to improve customer experience leads to loyalty. What are your customer’s pain points, and can they be improved by optimising your digital experience? Ultimately, the purpose of an app is to make life easier for customers and delight them with every interaction, so keep this in mind when considering your app design.


It was Heraclitus who said “The only thing that is constant is Google algorithm changes” and he’d be right. Here are the more interesting platform innovations for November:

Enhanced mobile product panels

Google is improving its mobile product knowledge panels to offer more information about an item, including image carousels, store links, editorial reviews and videos.

Bold Takeaway #5

Consumers searching for your product will glean a wealth of insight, so make sure it comes highly recommended, or you’ll have fierce competition.

Google is penalising some publishers of AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Accelerated Mobile Pages technology allows searchers to view web content on mobile devices at super fast speeds. The AMP replicates the copy on your original webpage, but loads much more quickly for mobile users.

From 1st February 2018, website owners abusing this functionality for better search engine positioning by implementing a “teaser” message will find that their AMP will not rank in search engine result pages.

Bold Takeaway #6

If you are currently using AMP technology to support your customers’ mobile experience, and the content is dissimilar to your desktop webpage, you need to take steps to address this before February 2018.



Word of the month:

#shelfie – An artistic social media photograph of your lovely bookshelf

What we’re talking about:

Is pawternity leave really a thing?

Books we’re reading:

Do Open: How a Simple Newsletter Can Transform Your Business (and It Can) by David Hieatt

Apps we’re using:

It’s been around for ages, but the oldies are all the best; it’s My Fitness Pal, the best way to track what you’re eating.

If you read just one more article this month, let it be:

This one by the Social Media Examiner on the must-have browser extensions for social media marketers: www.socialmediaexaminer.com/10-google-chrome-extensions-social-media-marketers/