For some time now we have had access to mobile devices that allow us to shop online but this year, it seems there’s been an even bigger demand on our online retailers. Online shoppers expect the best product at the best deal but nowadays, they expect the best customer experience too. We have seen some massive changes in e-commerce this year so we have searched the web and have found how some of the larger online retailers have used them to their advantage.

Here are some of the latest e-commerce trends that have changed online shopping in 2016.

Social Media

Facebook is no longer the king of e-commerce promotion. Instagram and Pinterest have swooped in with their ability to focus purely on engaging photos and videos and as any online shopper knows, images really sell! With the use of hashtags on Instagram and specific boards on Pinterest, shoppers can easily search for a specific product in an instant. Take Harrods for example, they share backstage photos at shoots with over 890,000 followers, giving them VIP access to their next season’s fashion trends. Now we’re sure that will generate customer loyalty!


It has never been easier to tailor your customers’ online shopping experience. With ever improving analytic tools and the development of website design, it’s easy to track customer journeys and past purchases and use this information to customise what they see. Back in 2015, Shop Direct was the first to launch fully personalised home pages on very.co.uk where the page reflects the customer’s interests. This world-first approach has spread in 2016 and will most certainly encourage customers to return, as they know they will see exactly what they want.

Same Day Delivery

Online shoppers will not only look for the best deal but the best customer experience too. As we now live in a world where everything has to be done right this second, this has made a massive impact on customer loyalty. Some online retailers have recognised this demand such as Amazon Prime Now, which offers a delivery service where your package can be delivered to you in 2 hours from purchase with no extra cost! This might seem a little extreme, but this level of service is guaranteed to win you return custom.

Big Images

As we’ve highlighted previously, images sell, and we have noticed that online retailers have implemented this trend across their e-commerce websites. No longer do shopping sites clutter their pages with content, they are now more visually pleasing with high impact images. This may be more prevalent with online clothing and homeware stores such as Next and M&S but these retailers have embraced the trend and have created a better experience for their customers.

If you own or manage an online store, then getting to grips with the latest e-commerce trends and ensuring your marketing strategies work is the best way to stay ahead of your competition and grow your business.

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