The world of social media marketing is dominated by popular opinion. We seek to debunk some myths surrounding social media so you know what you are in for, and who knows, you may be encouraged to try something different.

Linked In is just for business updates. Anyone who posts personal news should be posting it on Facebook.

People are divided over whether Linked In should purely be about posting industry-relevant news or whether you can include some more personal updates.

Yes, Linked In is a professional networking platform, so you should be keeping your best foot forward in case you lose potential clients.

You should definitely remain politically neutral and avoid expressing controversial views (save this for Twitter!). However, that’s not to say that you can only post business news on there. If you’ve reached a milestone in your career or you’ve passed your driving test, you can post these without fear as these are achievements that make you proud.

If you’ve had an interesting thought or realisation, or just want to share some wisdom or an insight about your day, people will benefit from these posts as much as an article on how to be a better entrepreneur.

Instagram is just for the kids

If you’re afraid to use Instagram because you think it’s just for younger people, you need to get over that assumption and face your fear. According to Sprout Social, 71% of business in the United States use Instagram as part of their marketing mix. Not only that, but 30% of users have gone on to buy a product they first saw on Instagram.

If you’re not taking advantage of Instagram to get your products noticed, you need to rectify this, especially if you sell physical items. Using the product “tagging tool”, Instagram is encouraging you to showcase your wares with prices and a website link to boot.

It’s hard to run campaigns on Snapchat

Running campaigns is never easy on any platform. It requires thorough planning, goal-setting, creative and funding. However, Snapchat can be amongst the most creative of campaigns you can set up as a business owner.

With stories, you have access to branded filters, the ability to target offers for a limited amount of time and the opportunity to get in front of a select audience using the messenger service. Your brand can be found through “Discover” and you needn’t spend lots of time creating slick videos. Simple videos showcasing your company is what works well. Our advice? Get on Snapchat, try it out and have fun inventing campaigns.

Facebook is old hat

Yes, Facebook has been in a lot of hot water recently, which may lead you to think everyone has deleted their accounts.  However, this is the channel that still dominates, with over 2 billion active users. So to consider deleting your page would be a bit foolhardy given the number of potential eyes for your ads. And it’s not even as if you can discredit Facebook on the basis being unable to reach a younger market – The highest group of users globally are between 25-34 with the second highest group between 18-24.

It’s easy to make content go viral

In our introduction to viral marketing, we categorically disputed the idea that it is easy to make content go viral – viral content requires a lot of TLC, and it’s still a question of luck. Professionals can gauge the types of content that will be more popular than others using past experience, insights and other analytics tools, but viral posts really can take you by surprise. Competitions with popular prizes or humorous videos often gain traction among a following compared to weak competitions and standard text-based updates.

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