Stuck for ideas as to what videos to create for your marketing strategy? Don’t despair. We’ve curated a list right here so you can refer to it next time you’re struggling to come up with content.


The explainer video is where you take a complicated concept relating to your business and break it down into simple stages. It helps “on-board” the leads who have already signed up, and need help accessing the next stage in your marketing funnel.


Show people how to use your product in a simple one minute video. Perhaps your product has a variety of different uses, in which case, that’s content for several videos. Go you! If you’re a makeup artist or a personal trainer, you have an infinite array of video clips you can start adding to your social calendar.


Let’s say your video is not so much a product, but a service or software, and with that service comes a knowledge base. People will need training up to learn how to use your service, or they won’t sign up with you once their subscription period is up. It’s your job to teach them. On a more immediate level, perhaps you offer an online certificate about aromatherapy. Transfer all those dull PDFs into audio-visual content, and this will ensure more students stick with your course and don’t give up.

Q & A

If people have been asking you questions about your industry, for example, if you are a mortgage advisor and people have questions about the process of applying for a mortgage, you can use video to demystify some of this process. If you’re a locally recognised entrepreneur, perhaps you want to create some Q & A videos for your personal Linked In account addressing some of the questions people ask you day to day about setting up a business.


If you sell cars and want to test drive the latest addition to your forecourt, turn it into a video with a lively commentary so your followers can feel part of the experience. And with any luck, they will begin to get even more curious about the vehicle.


If you want to test out the tools of your trade, for example, you’re a hair stylist interested in a newly released straightening iron or hair wax you can record a video giving your honest opinion on the product.


Help your customers out by giving them extra information that will help them out, for example how your products compare to each other, how they compare to older models, what the individual features are and the value of upsells.

If your offering is service-based, then you’re information videos may centre around your processes so that customers know the complaints procedure, or how to check on the progress of their order.


Interviewing influencers in your field, your boss or various heads of department can give your followers a unique insight into your business or industry. You can also use the interview as an opportunity to reveal current trends or your company’s position on a news story affecting your field.


Get your customers to record their statement of satisfaction of your business rather than simply leaving a Google review. A face to camera recording increases the trust and authenticity from viewers as the customer is not just a name underneath a written quotation.


Popular all the time with television news pieces or consumer advice shows, those short comment pieces are the perfect interview style for Stories. On Instagram, you have 15 second clips at your disposal, so ask a question on a popular topic, such as an imminent sporting event and get your staff or customers to make predictions for the outcome.


Create animations from your blog posts as a way of repurposing existing content and making the wisdom and advice contained within them accessible to those who prefer videos to reading articles. There is free software you can use to create slideshows with text and images to achieve this such as Lumen5 or Adobe Spark Video if you already have an Adobe account.


A perfect accompaniment to your home page is a video detailing how you have helped your clients achieve their business objectives through your product or service. The video could combine graphics with a detailed video testimonial from your client validating your service offering. Include some text with the outcomes including statistics and numbers if available.


Usually, infographics are presented as part of a large image on a blog or website. They contain a list of connected statistics, facts and relevant illustrations. Converting these facts into video clips can bring them to life with animation and music, ensuring your followers stay engaged throughout the sequences.


If you’re lucky enough to be attending or hosting an event, then don’t forget to share the excitement with those following you on social media with funny moments, interviews, highlights and guest speakers.


Got something new to launch or an essential piece of news to release? Then drum up the excitement and elicit intrigue your audience with teaser videos that each time go a little closer to revealing the new product, person, service or announcement.

There you have it! Keep coming back for more suggestions as we add them or read our other video marketing blogs that will help you form a direction for your next campaign.